Posted on October 27, 2023
Categories: Athletics, Students

Our cross country team at The Academy at Palumbo recently demonstrated exceptional performance at the Public League Championships. The girls’ team achieved an impressive 2nd place finish, while the boys secured a commendable 6th place. Notably, five of our dedicated athletes earned the prestigious title of “ALL PUBLIC” in recognition of their outstanding achievements. This remarkable feat is even more remarkable when you consider the stiff competition, with 199 runners in the boys’ race and 117 runners in the girls’ race.

The individual successes of our student-athletes shine through with Barry securing the 4th position, Sophia at 6th, Laveeonah Gilkey at 17th, Raines at 20th, and Doha at 27th. It’s important to recognize that the collective effort of our entire team played a pivotal role in this success, with athletes like William, Jonas, Shane, Ava, Melissa, Jhonel, Alanna, and Ekash contributing significantly. This season’s cross country team has not only shattered personal and season best times but also forged strong bonds, making them a true XC team. We’re incredibly proud of their hard work and dedication, and we look forward to their next challenge at the District Championships as they aim for a spot at the State level. Show your support and stay tuned for more exciting updates and photos of our talented runners.