Posted on April 19, 2023
Categories: School, Students

Palumbo students recently embarked on a physics field trip to iFly Indoor Skydiving, a facility that uses a vertical wind tunnel to simulate real skydiving. The students were greeted by a team of expert instructors who introduced them to the physics of skydiving, exploring topics like terminal velocity of skydivers and the effects of air resistance on various falling objects. The instructors also discussed how air resistance could be manipulated to control a skydiver’s speed and orientation while skydiving.

Following the introduction, the students had the opportunity to experience indoor skydiving in the iFly wind tunnel. The tunnel uses powerful fans to generate wind speeds of up to 120 miles per hour, allowing the students to practice skydiving techniques without going up in an airplane.

Throughout the experience, the students observed how their body position affected their speed while flying in the tunnel. They also gained a better understanding of the physics principles behind skydiving and the forces at work when skydiving. Overall, the trip to iFly was an exciting and educational experience that provided the students with a unique opportunity to apply their physics knowledge in a real-world setting.