Posted on February 12, 2023
Categories: Clubs

The RoboGriffins had yet another great showing at this year’s Philadelphia Qualifier yesterday. After several rounds of strong play, winning four out of their five qualifying matches, the RoboGriffins moved into the playoffs as part of an SLA-Masterman-Central alliance. After taking their opponents all the way to the last round of a best-of-three final, the magnet-school hydra* sadly fell to a pair of teams from Calvary Christian Academy. If you see any of the following students, please congratulate them for their hard work and dedication:

Shawn Beaty
Adiana Chang
Kyzier Easley
Franko Kika
Devin Liu
Evan Lu
Nicholas Lukito
Xavier Nhim
Meru Parmar
Jason Yang
Jervy Yang