Rooftop Clarification and Update

Posted on September 14, 2018
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Academy at Palumbo

Friday, September 14 2018

Dear Palumbo Families,

Well, it has been quite a start to the school year with the excessive heat followed by excessive rain. Not to worry, though. Despite the media’s interpretation, the roof never collapsed. It is still intact. Over the weekend, 4 drains on the roof were so clogged that the heavy rain had no place to go.  The roof filled with water, that eventually pushed its way under the doors onto the 6th floor, and then down each floor of the building. On the 5th floor, where there were dropped ceilings, the tiles became so heavy that they fell from the ceiling. The flooding was discovered around 6:00 am, so the students were never allowed to go to classes on Tues., 9/11, and were not subjected to visually witnessing any of the damage. Crews are still working to get the damaged areas back in shape. Asbestos tests were done and none was found. There is still moisture in the areas, causing a foul odor. Currently, the repairs to the cafeteria are scheduled to be completed by Thurs. 9/21. The next priority is repairing the effected classroom. There is only one classroom effected. The few other areas that were effected weren’t in use by students. Despite the chaos and aggravation, the students were absolutely amazing! My Assistant Superintendent was impressed by the way they handled the situation.  Thank you for sending us such wonderful children!

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

Principal Kiana Thompson

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