Diversity Day

Posted on June 6, 2018
Categories: School, Students

Diversity Day is Thursday, June 7!! Use your school account to log into Google Drive so you can see the program and schedule.

Some important reminder:

  1. We will be on 1 hour advisory schedule.
  2. Opening ceremonies start at 8:15am. Please go right into the auditorium after you scan in.
  3. We have guest speakers coming to give us academic conference during 3rd-4th periods. See the descriptions and choose one to attend each period.
  4. During 5th-7th periods, your schoolmates have prepared some fun workshops. You are also free to choose 1 workshop per period and attend.
  5. Also during 5-7 periods, there will be outdoor activities at Hawthorne Park. There is also a water ice food cart!!
  6. Please help out whenever you can, especially during 8th period to clean up.

Have a fun and meaningful day tomorrow. Please let our guest speakers and fellow schoolmates know if you enjoy their workshops. Hope you will also consider to be one of the Diversity Day facilitators next year.