Palumbo Tutoring

The following staff are available to offer tutoring:

Aichele, C. Biology 407 Tues,Wed. Thurs. 3:04-4:00 by appointment
Arrivello, K. Art 102 Tuesday, Friday 3:04-4:00
Burwasser, L. Physics 401 Tuesday 3:04 – 4:04 Other times by appt.
Kelly, J. Spanish 324 Mondays 3:15-4:15 By appointment. Other days/times possibly by appt. Possible student tutors available need to sign up in advance.
Chen, C. Chinese 1-3 422 M-F
Thursday, Friday
2nd, 3rd, 5th periods
Student tutors are available to help during 3rd and 5th periods. Need to sign up a day ahead.
Cooper, B. Biology 411 Tuesday/Wednesday 3:15-3:45 Sign in time is from 3:04-3:15. Students will recieve 5 pts extra credit toward their test/quiz grades for every session they attend. One on One tutoring avalable by appointment during 4th and 6th period daily.
DiGiuseppe, N. English 424 Mon-thurs 7th period, 3:04-4:04
Dyke, J. Chemistry/Robotics 404 Mon/Wed 3:00 – 4:00 pm
Essilfie, T. ESL IMC M-F 5th,6th,7th
Garvey, R. African American History 332 Tuesday/Thursday 3:04-4:04 Mornings By appointment
Goldstein, E. HE/PE/Fitness 209 M-F 7:30-7:50am
During hour advisory
7th Period
By appointment
Heckman, S. Algebra 1 and 2 506 Mon-Thurs 3:04-4:04 Mornings by appointment
Jordan, E. World History, African American History 433
304 (Homework Club)
Monday, Tuesday
3:04 – 4:04
During hour advisory
Other days/mornings available by appointment
Jordan, J. Music 135 M-F Advisory/Apppointment
Kay, C. English/Creative Writing M-F Advisory, 3rd, and 6th/Apppointment M-Thurs after school by appointment
Kringel, A. World History, US History 305 M-F 1st, 5th, 3:04-4:04 (M,T,Th)
Krzywonos, S. Alg 2, Pre calc, ap calc 522 M-F 7:00:00 AM and advisory by appointment
Lord, T. US History, Reading, ESL 307 Monday-Friday 7:00-8:00, 5th period Mornings by appt
Lynch, D. Social Science, Psychology 333 Thursday 3:04-4:04 Other days and times available by appt
Martin, S. Algebra 2
502 M-F 1st
Tuesdays 3:04 – 4:00
by appointment
Marzuoli, A. Art 2, Art 3, AP Studio, Ceramics 104 M-F
3 and 7 periods; after school
Mason, B.
McCabe, M. World History/AP Euro 321 M-Th after school by appointment
Myers, E. Spanish I and II 306 Mon/Tue 3:04 – 4:04
Nayowith, N. Physical Education 302 Any day 7:30-8:00
Paul, R. English 207 M-Th 3:04-4:04
Paulus, R. English (any level) 223 Any 3:04 – 4:04
Pedone, C. AP Gov/Soc Sci 329 Any 7th period/after school by appointment
Petro, S.
Schwartz, H. IEP/SAT prep 333 M-Thurs 7:30-8:04 (thru advis as needed)
Sherstyuk, S. Alg 1 & 2 504 Wed after school 6th period by appoint
Shortall, D. Spanish 1/AP Span 323 varies by week (days there aren’t home games) 3:04 – 4:00 Mornings by appt, student teacher also available by appt through Dec 8. Can also come 2nd & 6th period any day.
Smith, Deanna All Subjects 437 M-F 5th & 6th periods
Stamps, R. Health 421 Any – by appointment Adv., 7th, 3:04
Sundeen, K. Chemistry (can also tutor English) 434 Mon and Fri 3:04 – 4:30 other days/mornings available by appointment
Sweigart, P. Physids Algebra 524 Any 4th or 5th period
Swerdloff, A. English 221 Any 4th or 6th period other days/mornings available by appointment
Thomas, J. English 432 M-F advisory, 5th, after school
Tompkins, G. Spanish II/III 336 by appointment only Friday morning advisory is always available
Tuff, J. AP Psych/Af.Am. 322 by appointment only
Ojo, O. Biology 436 Tuesday 3:04- 4:00 PM
Weeks, B. Alg. 2/Stat./AP Stat. 506 by appointment 3:04 – 4:00
Weinraub, A. English 423 M-F 3rd period After school by appointment
Wiessmann, E. Computer Science 507 Thursday 3:04-5:30 or by appointment; December, January & February I am also available on Mondays and Wednesdays
Wilbur, M. Intro to Music, Choir 132 M-F Advisory, 3rd, 6th After school by appointment
Woods, J. English/Writing 206 M-F Advisory, 4th or 7th period, Monday 3:04-4:30 by appointment Monday after school